FUD Post UTME Past Questions and Answers pdf download


Fud post utme past questions pdf: This is where to get the official FUD post utme past questions and answers. If you are preparing to write the Federal University Dutse Post UTME screening exams (Federal University Dutse post UTME past questions) and perhaps looking for past questions to help as a guide as you prepare, then this is where to find it.

FUD Post UTME Past Questions

FUD, like numerous institutions in Nigeria, does conduct a screening exercise for its intending students. This in a way is to filter and further trim the teeming number of prospective students who made the highly-rated institution their first or second choice of institution.

FUD Post UTME Syllabus  

FUD Post UTME Syllabus and what to expect? Basically, the questions cover literally everything almost like the jamb syllabus with its subject combination. It is quite difficult to have a Post UTME syllabus at this time but from the questions contained in our past questions compilation, it is obvious that questions come from anywhere around the subject area.

FUD Post utme Subject Combination

Subject combination for FUD Post UTME? Exactly the same subject combination as that of JAMB. That is; the same subjects you write during JAMB are what you will equally find in the Post UTME. I hope you already know the subjects you wrote during JAMB? If no, then check back because these are the areas you should be expecting questions from.

How Many Questions is FUD Post UTME

This is one question candidates are so eager to get an answer to. Well, FUD Post UTME questions are usually 100. The 100 questions are picked from the four subjects combined; meaning 25 questions from each subject combined. This is what has been obtainable for the past years now. However, if there is any change then we will always update you with it.

How to Pass FUD Post UTME

Truth be told; There is no big secret of passing FUD Post UTME screening tests than reading and studying very hard. This is where we advise you to get an up to date past question which will certainly help you in focusing and knowing exactly what to expect as well.

FUD Post UTME Past Questions Sample

1. The dimension of power is

(a) ML1T2 (b) ML2T2 (c) ML2T3 (d) ML1T2

2. A body starts from rest and moves with an acceleration of 8ms2 for 10 seconds. Find the distance covered during the 8tI second

(a) 256m (b) 196(c) 120m(d)60m

3. One of the limitations of Bohr’s model of the atom is that it does not explain

(a) The stability of the atom (b) Variation of eh atom radius (c) The times spectra of hydrogen (d) The experimental determination of the atomic radius

4. X-rays were discreet by

(a) Isaac Newton (b) Michael Faraday (c) Sir J.J. D (d) Roentgen

5. Natural radioactivity was discovered by


(a) Neil Bohr (b) Henri Becquerel (c) De Brogue (d) Rutherford

6. A block- and tackles system is used to lift a load 20N through a vertical height of 5m. if the efficiency of the system is 40% how much work is done against friction?

(a) 31 0.OJ (b) 300.OJ (c) 290.OJ (d) 200.Oj

7. Which of the following statement is correct about a short-sighted girl who does not put on glass?

(a) she cannot see near object clearly (b)rays of light from a distant object are focused behind her retina (c) Her eye ball is too short (d) parallel rays of light are focused in front of her retina

8. Express 0.0000407 in standard form

(a) 40.7 x 106 (b) 4.07 x io (c) 4.07×104 (d) 4.07×102

9. The sum of three numbers in bases two is H1Ol. if the first two numbers are 1011 and ll0findthethird number.

(a) l10(b) 1010(c) 10110(d)11110

10. The number of atoms of a radioactive substance is initially 0 x 1016. if number reduces to 2.0 x1016 in 64 minutes, what is the half-life of the substance?

(a) 32mm (b) i6min (c) 8mm (d) 4mm.

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