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This is the official place to download ABU Zaria post UTME past question and answer. We have in stock the complete and up to date Ahmadu Bello University Zaria post UTME past question and answer available for you here. So, if you are preparing for the upcoming Post UTME exams and perhaps looking for what will serve as a guide then we will let you know How to get ABU Zaria Post UTME past questions.

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Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, like numerous institutions in Nigeria, does conduct a screening exercise for its intending students. This in a way is to filter and further trim the teeming number of prospective students who made the highly-rated institution their first or second choice of institution.

ABU Zaria Post UTME Syllabus

ABU Zaria Post UTME Syllabus and what to expect? Basically, ABU post UTME questions cover literally everything almost like the jamb syllabus with its subject combination. It is quite difficult to have ABU Post UTME syllabus at this time but from the questions contained in our past questions compilation, it is obvious that questions come from anywhere around the subject area.

How Many Questions are There in ABU Post UTME

This is one question candidates are so eager to get an answer to. Well, ABU Post UTME questions are usually 100. The 100 questions are picked from the four subjects combined; meaning 25 questions from each subject combined. This is what has been obtainable for the past years now. However, if there is any change then we will always update you with it.

ABU Zaria Post UTME Subject Combination

Subject combination for ABU Zaria Post UTME? Exactly the same subject combination as that of JAMB. That is; the same subjects you write during JAMB is what you will equally find in the Post UTME. I hope you already know the subjects you wrote during JAMB? If no, then check back because these are the areas you should be expecting questions from.

How to Pass ABU Post UTME

Truth be told; There is no big secret of passing ABU Post UTME screening test than reading and studying very hard. This is where we advice you to get an up to date past question which will certainly help you in focusing and knowing exactly what to expect as well.

Nature of ABU Zaria Post UTME and What to Expect

Like we said early, 100 questions in total picked from four different subject areas as combined for your intending course of study. Questions are not tough, if you truly wrote and pass JAMB yourself, then ABU Post UTME screening test should’ve a mere stroll in the park for you.

ABU Zaria Post UTME Past Questions Sample






 Read the following instruction carefully.

⇒Use an HB pencil to shade in your answer, ensure that any shading error is thoroughly erased.

⇒Candidates should write their full Names (surname first) JAMB Registration number, paper code, sex Jamb score, faculty of first and second choice, and the Question paper option given to them in the appropriate spaces on the Answer Sheets.

⇒Attempt all questions. Each candidate must submit the answer sheet with the question paper

⇒The use of calculator and/or similar electronic devices is NOT allowed.

1. Which of the following is not true about semi-conductor?

(a) moving holes are equivalent to moving positive charges

(b) there is two kinds of charge carried a free electron and a hole

(c) the escape of a valence electron from an atom produces electron hole pair charge carries

(d)increases in temperature increases its electrical resistance.

2. The minimum energy necessary to remove an electron from a given atom to infinity is called ______

(a) Excitation energy

(b) ground state energy

(c) ionization energy

(d) binding energy

3. Find the proglie wavelength of a 0.0kg pellet having a velocity 10m/s (h 6.63 x 1034S)

(a) 6.63-34m

(b) 6.63 x 10-32m

(c) 6.63 x 10-33m

(d) 6.63 x   10-35m

4. A step transformer is designed to operate from a 25V supply. If the transformer is 80% efficient, determine the current in the primary coil when the output terminals are connected to 240V 1 cow lamp

(a) 50A




5. An object of mass 0.2kg and density 600kgm-3 is suspended with a string so that 1/10 of it is immerged in paraffin of density 900kgm-3, find the tension in the string

(a) 1.0×105mn4

(b) 2.0 x 105ms4

(c) 3.0 x 105ms4

(d)5      x105ms4

6. A rocket burnt fuel at the rate of 20kgs4 and eject it with a velocity of 5.0       x 1 03ms-1 calculate the thrust exerted by the as on the rocket.

(a)1.0 x 105mns4

(b) 2.0 x 105ms4

(c) 3.0 x 105ms4

(d) 105ms4

7. Which of the following pairs co .ndation quantities only?

(a) Velocity and gravitational potential

(b) acceleration and field strength

(c) momentum and work done

(d) ment and mass.

8 One of the limitation of Thomson’s model of the atom is that it does not explain

(a) small angle scattering

(b) stability of scattering

(c) ionization process

(d)the variation of the effectively atomic radius

9 A wire carrying a current J 2.5m in length is placed in a field of flux density 0.12T. What [ne force on the wire if it is placed at 60° to the field?

(a) 30.3N


(c)1 5.3N

(d) 10.5N

How to Download ABU Zaria Post UTME Past Questions & Answers

Note: ABU Zaria Post UTME past question and Answers are not for free, rather they are bout for just ₦2000. Do not allow anyone to deceive you about downloading free past questions and answers for free because it is never true.

Method of Payment

In other to get the material delivered to your mailbox in PDF format, you are to make a bank deposit of ₦2000 naira to the following bank details:

  • Account Number: 0731933754
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We at Recruitmentpastquestions wish you all the best as you try taking another step in your life.  Congrats in Advance.

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