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DPR Past Questions Sample

1) When walking, a certain person takes 16 complete steps in 10 seconds. At this rate, how many complete steps does the person take in 72 seconds?

A. 45 B. 78 C. 86 D. 90 E. 115

2) In computer jargon, what do you understand by ROM?

A. Read Only Memory
B. Random Only Memory
C. Real Output Memory
D. Read Output Memory

3) A body is floating in seawater with 2/3 of its volume above the surface. The weight of the displaced water is?

A. Less than the weight of the body
B. Equal to the weight of the body
C. More than the weight of the body
D. Not enough information provided.

4) What is the volume of liquid in cubic feet if we fill the tank to one foot high?

A. 28.27 ft3
B. 18.8 ft3
C. 113.1 ft3
D. 424.1 ft3.

5) What is the total volume of the tank in cubic feet?

A. 1686.5 ft3
B. 442.5 ft3
C. 424.1 ft3
D. 847.5 ft3.

6) What is the volume of water in cubic ft in the tank if a measure stick indicates the water surface is 6 feet below the top of the tank?

A. 170.2 ft3
B. 254.4 ft3
C. 1017.9 ft3
D. 678.6 ft3.

7) What is the weight in pounds of the tank, as in the above case, if the tank itself weighs 20 lbs per ft of height?

A. 63,424 lbs
B. 42,241 lbs
C. 16,151 lbs
D. 10,605 lbs.

8) How much water in gallons would have to be removed to reduce the total weight of the tank plus water, as in the above case, by 20%?

A. 388 gals
B. 3,230 gals
C. 2,121 gals
D. 626 gals.

9) What would be the new level of the water, as measured from the top of the tank, if the water in the above case (equivalent of 20% of total weight) is removed?

A. 10.4 ft
B. 12.7 ft
C. 7.1 ft
D. 7.8 ft.

10) If everybody at a party shook hands with each other, and there was a total of 66 handshakes. How many people attended the party?

ANS: With two people, there is one handshake. With three people, there are three handshakes. With four people, there are six handshakes. In general, with n+1 people, the number of handshakes is the sum of the first n consecutive numbers: 1+2+3+…+n. Since this sum is n(n+1)/2, we need to solve the equation n(n+1)/2 = 66. This is the quadratic equation n2+n-132 = 0. Solving for n, we obtain 11 as the answer and deduce that there were 12 people at the party.

For questions 11 to 14, select the correct preposition or adverb:

11) He insisted _____ seeing the documents.

A. by
B. in
C. of
D. on

12) It never occurred _____ me to ask him for proof of his identity.

A. for
B. to
C. on
D. with

13) I object to being kept waiting. Why can’t you be _____ time?

A. on
B. in
C. of
D. at

14) I was _____ the impression that I had paid you for the work you did for me.

A. into
B. over
C. with
D. under

14) Buying presents for children is sometimes very difficult. ___ the end I bought a kite for Tom.

A. At
B. On
C. In
D. By.

15) In computer jargon, what do you understand by CPU?

A. Computer Processing Unit
B. Computer Procedure Utility
C. Central Processing Unit
D. Central Power Unit

16) What is the equation for Ohm’s law?

A. V = IR
B. V = I/R
C. R = VI
D. I = VR

17) In direct current I = 3A, R = 4W. Calculate V;

A. 1.33 V
B. 6 V
C. 12 V
D. 24 V

18) What becomes V if we use 2 resistors of 4W in parallel?

A. 2.66 V
B. 6 V
C. 12 V
D. 24 V

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