Study Smarter, Not Harder: Best Productivity Tools for Today’s Students

During the academic journey, every student has to deal with a bulk of assignments. To accomplish the work, they are required to bring into play all their energy. Sometimes, the deal is above their approach despite the hard effort.

In this tool, we’ll introduce students to a productive and smart way of studying that requires no hard struggles. For this, we are going to list some of the best productivity tools for today’s students. Let’s explain them one by one.


Online Notepad is a free online tool that is used by students to create and share digital notes. Students can utilize it to make;

  • Daily to-do lists.
  • Digital Notes.
  • Timetables.
  • Categories of different tasks.

The preceding uses of the tool make students study smarter without putting in extra and hard effort. Let’s have a demo of the notepad;

Key Features:

There are a number of features provided by the notepad that help students to write effectively and craft eye-grabbing as well as easier-to-read notes or any other type of writing assignment. However, here we’ll talk about the key features of the tool;

  • Create Headings and Sub-headings.
  • Bullet points and number listing.
  • Inserting images from the device.
  • Editing the writing.
  • Save the notes/writing.
  • Search bar to reach the saved files easily.
  • Provides Action buttons like Clone, Download, Share, and Upload.

2. JPG to Word By

JPG to Word is an online “OCR-Based” tool that is utilized to extract the text from the JPG images into editable digital text. For the students who are required to make digital notes from the image, they should utilize the tool instead of spending hours on manual conversion. The extractor will accomplish the conversion within a couple of seconds.

Moreover, they just have to upload the required image from their device and click the button “Submit”. The tool will create results instantly. Let’s have a demonstration of the converter;

Main Features:

The following are the main features of the JPG to Image Converter;

  • Multiple upload options.
  • The tool can convert mathematical equations.
  • No watermark issue with the output.
  • Fast and Accurate.
  • Multiple options for downloads.

3. Text to Handwriting Converter by Prepostseo

Text-to-handwriting converter is an online free converter that is handy for transforming digital text into real-time human writing. The tool does all the conversions with just a single click.

Sometimes, students are required by the tutors to submit their work in handwriting form. In this scenario, they can bring into play the converting tool and save a lot of hard effort as well as time. Here’s the demo of the converter;

Cutting Edge Features:

Here are some cutting-edge features of the text-to-handwriting converter;

  • Different writing styles.
  • Multiple font sizes.
  • A diverse range of text colors.
  • Real-time and accurate text conversion.
  • Four-page styles.


The article rewriter is an online tool that is utilized to rewrite or rephrase the words or sentences of writing while preserving the main intent. It uses AI (artificial intelligence).

Students can use the tool to reinstate or reword their assignments (like essays, notes, etc.) into a fresh/unique form. Moreover, the tool enhances the readability as well as engagement of the writing by embedding new and simpler words. So, instead of wasting a lot of time managing the preceding things, students can automate the whole process within no time.

Let’s have a functional demo of the article rewriter;

Useful Features:

Useful features of the article rewriter are below;

  • Multiple modes to rewrite.
  • Gives 100% unique output.
  • Maintain the actual intent.
  • Integration with four other tools i.e. Rephraser, summarizer, Grammar checker, and Plagiarism Remover.


Plagiarims remover is an AI-based tool that uses modern/novel words and phrases to remove plagiarism from writing. 

In case, students detect any plagiarism in their assignments they should reach the plagiarism remover. The tool will automatically remove plagiarism from their writing. The working mechanism of the remover involves the usage of AI algorithms to reinstate the original wording and sentences into a fresh and unique form. 

Let’s check it;

The image shows that most of the words and phrases are changed by the tool. 

Salient Features:

The following are the salient features of Plagiarism remover;

  • It supports multiple languages.
  • Gives 100% Plagiarism free content.
  • The tool gives users advanced and multiple plagiarism remover modes.
  • Free version available.


Grammar check work on advanced AI algorithms to eliminate the high-level grammatical, spelling as well and punctuation errors in the text. It follows recent grammar rules to find and encounter errors. Students can efficiently make their academic work error-free with the help of the grammar checker tool.

Let’s see the demo;

Main Features:

Below are the main features of the grammar checker;

  • Works on advanced rules of grammar.
  • Highlight all the grammar.
  • Corrects all errors with just one click.
  • Accurate results and reliability.
  • Give correction suggestions.


Summarizer encapsulates the text into a shorter form while preserving its actual meaning (key points). The tool has nothing to do core concept of the writing. This tool can be used by the students to smartly;

  • Understand the main theme of long-form content. 
  • Create abstracts for their research papers.
  • Remove unnecessary data from their writing.
  • Automatically impart the power of brevity in their writing.

Let’s have a demo of the Summarizer;

Cutting Edge Features:

  • Adjust summary length.
  • Extract summaries by the use of advanced AI techniques.
  • Offers multiple language options.
  • Provide outputs in multiple forms i.e. Bullets, Summary, Best Line, etc.


Nowadays, there are a number of writing tools that have brought productivity and efficiency to the working of students. In this world of tools and advancement, students are not required to put in hard studying effort. But, the tools have made the studying process smart by automating most of the tasks for students. There are countless online tools on the internet for studying. Among them, we listed the seven best productivity tools for students.

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