Nigerian Air Force DSSC Past Questions and Answers PDF Download

Here is the up to date version of the Nigerian Air force DSSC past questions pdf available for download. We are always here to bring examination materials and the Nigerian Air Force DSSC Past Questions and Answers. So, if you are currently preparing to take the upcoming Air Force screening examination, then here where to get materials to help you prepare.

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The Government had earlier in a statement on its official Facebook page, NAF said online registration will begin on July 26 and end on August 30. However, successful candidates are to take the screening examination to know who proceeds to the next level. Meanwhile, we know how competitive it is to get a job in Nigeria these days, so one must try all they can to even get listed. That is the reason you need this past question to put you ahead of others who are equally vying for the same position.

Nigerian Airforce DSSC Past Questions

Nigerian Air Force Nature of Examination

The Nigerian air force interview question is divided into three basic components which are:

  • Mathematics
  • English Language
  • General knowledge

1. Mathematics:

Most people Achilles heel and so many people will conclude of failing the aptitude test already before the exams. But don’t conclude yet:

This section is made up of 20 questions and candidates will be tested on simple topics like Simple interest, ratio, percentage, probability, sets, age and work, statistics.

Also, area and volumes, profits and loss, conversions, simple and compound interest as well as other simple mathematical questions. Just get it and take a good look at it.

2. English Language:

NAF English question section consists of simple terms in our daily usage such as Synonyms and antonyms (opposite and nearest in meaning) and filling the gap questions. There are usually 20 questions in this section.

3. General Knowledge:

This section is drawn from different subjects like chemistry. Physics, biology, Nigeria’s current affairs and history of Nigeria, news as regard Airforce, International organizations such as OPEC, UN, OAU, and ECOWAS. Nigerian air force current affairs questions will test your knowledge of how much you know Nigeria.

General knowledge is also made of information relates to science and technology. These sections usually have 10 questions.

Sample of Nigerian Air Force DSSC Past Questions

1. Nigeria is bounded in the south by
B. Atlantic ocean
C. Pacific ocean
D. Cameroon

2. Which of these is NOT an Island in Africa?
A. Fiji
B. Madagascar
C. Cape Verde

3. In which state is Lake Chad situated?
A. Adamawa
B. Borno
C. Taraba
D. Sokoto

4. The black race is called
A. Caucasian
B. Red Indian
C. Mongolian
D. Negroid

5. The following factors affect population EXCEPT
A. mortality rate
B. immigration
C. census
D. fertility rate

Benefits Of Getting Nigerian Air Force DSSC Past Questions

Now, here are a number of reasons why getting the NAF DSSC Past Questions and answers is the best investment you can make:

  • This past questions and answers gives you a clue on the scope of examination
  • A good percentage of question has the tendency of returning
  • Importantly, it guides you and helps you to be self-confident
  • You have a chance of seeing series of questions asked over the years
  • Gets you in shape and focused for the examination
  • With these past questions, you can time yourself and see if you can meet up during examination.
  • The past questions serve as a guide, giving you an insight into how the exams are being set and perhaps how trickery the answers can be.

Important Tip: Years gone by, the revelation has been that a great portion of questions do repeat themselves. So, equipping yourself with the knowledge of how these questions are set helps you to be prepared beforehand and stay ahead of your competition.

How to Download Nigerian Air Force DSSC Past Questions & Answers

Note: Nigerian Air Force DSSC Past Questions and Answers are not for free, rather they are bout for just ₦2000. Do not allow anyone to deceive you about downloading free past questions and answers for free because it is never true.

Method of Payment

In other to get the material delivered to your mailbox in PDF format, you are to make a bank deposit of ₦2000 naira to the following bank details:

  • Account Number: 0731933754
  • Account Name: Unyah, Aniekeme Kingsley
  • Bank Name:  Access Bank

After payment, please send The Following to this Number ‘09030418025

  1. Name of the Past Question you paid for.
  2. Your email address or Whatsapp number to 09030418025 and we will forward the preferred past questions and answers to you in PDF format.

Additionally, you can call/chat us on 09030418025 before and after payment.

We at Recruitmentpastquestions wish you all the best as you try taking another step in your life.  Congrats in Advance.

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